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The International Congress for global Science and Technology, ICGST, is founded as an open access publisher where it supervise several academic activities. The ICGST is committed to maintain superior standards in its contents and management. It publishes selected papers after careful review based on considerable criteria and, usually, extended revisions. It also publishes other reviewed contributions separately submitted. While the emphasis is on the publication of original research papers, position papers expressing stimulating viewpoints and philosophies, survey papers, and bibliographies are also published. Submitted papers are evaluated by academic reviewers and those judged as presenting potentially significant research contributions within the scope of the fields of expertize are formally reviewed. Suitability for publication is based on relevance to the overall ICGST goals, rules, originality, technical quality, importance, scientific contribution, and readability. Currently ICGST is supporting Electronic Publishing, Academin Manuscript Central, AMC, (icgst-amc.com) and Electronic Education System using MOODLE (icgst-ees.com). It is planned to extend the activities of ICGST to cover other academic activities.

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